Always in search of new challenges Badminton Huesca is launching this international summer camp for athletes with ambition and desire to continue growing in our sport. Taking advantage of the professional experience of our current coach Roberto Mollinedo we want to set up this project and bring together a good group of sportsmen and sportswomen with a lot of desire and sporting ambition to work hard to make the most of these summer days when there are no more competitions and events. We intend to concentrate enthusiastic sportsmen and women from different Spanish and European Clubs in this Summer Camp, thus enriching the work, the coexistence and the experience for all participants. Whoever wants to take part in this Summer Camp only needs to come with a great dose of desire and enthusiasm to learn, work and put their maximum effort on the court every day to put this Camp at the top of the personal satisfaction achieved.

DATES Available

OUR Installations

Instalaciones del club

In our own Club. A large space of 1200 m2 with 8 courts that ensure the highest quality for the development of the Camp.


Alojamiento Santo Domingo

We offer the comfort of being accommodated in the Sto. Domingo, 15 minutes walk from the Club, with pension complete: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Individual beds *

Pension Complete

Common Zones


3 minutes to the center

15 minutes to the courts


Players with National Licence, participating in national or international competition. Players with strong interest in improving and take the opportunity of the summer for their training and personal growth. The aim is to live an unforgettable and intense experience where hard work and effort will be the keys to success.

* All participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a technician or person in charge.

LEVELS Available

  • A: International level players. European Tour, National national.
  • B: National level players: Masters, Spanish Championships, National Club League, National National Clubs League.
  • C: Players at Autonomous level: TTR, Autonomous Championships, Territorial.


Under the direction of Roberto Mollinedo, European and Spanish coaches will be invited and accompanying their players , as well as high-level coaches and players from Club Badminton Huesca.

Roberto Mollinedo


Timetable is the following:

  • Sunday: incorporation and Welcome Session at 18h at the Club.
  • Monday to Saturday: programmed activities.
  • Sunday: breakfast and return home.
Horario Semanal

ACTIVITY Multiadventure

With the aim of enriching the Camp and taking advantage of the great natural spaces that we have in this province, we have established two activities that will allow us to disconnect for a moment from the frenetic pace of work on the track and to get to know and experience the natural environment. Descent of the River Formiga within the natural space of Rivers and Ravines of the Sierra de Guara. Rafting descent of the river Gállego (Riglos).

* These two activities are arranged with professional guides from the area.

* You need to bring sport shoes or mountain boots for the water activities.

Extra multiaventura


  • Externals: 290 euros
  • Interns: 640 euros. Accomodation and complete pension included (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

DISCOUNT Early Inscription

  • Before 1st June: 250 euros and 590 euros.
  • Before 15th June: 270 euros and 615 euros.

COACHES Accompanying

  • Accompanying and responsible of players participating in the Camp will have the possibility of staying in the residence with pension complete for 250 euros all week.
  • Coaches interested in participating with players from their Centre, Club or Federation, please contact the club's management in order to benefit from the specific benefits for their stay and participation in the Camp.


Don't miss this unique opportunity and join us in this adventure. We will make sure you learn and perfect your level and enjoy an incredible week.



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